21st November 2018

An unusual, sweet smelling and tasty London commission!

Her Ma-zesty’s Theatre, London – part of Gingerbread City

Our London studio has taken on a new and slightly unusually tasty commission to design an open air theatre for the Museum of Architecture Exhibition at the V&A. We are providing the structural engineering and architectural design for this challenging project which centres around the theme of ‘Imagining a Future City’.

The design takes inspiration from the past to create a modern open-air theatre that integrates with the surrounding public realm. Historic halls of entertainment such as the Globe theatre and Colosseum influenced the form of the stalls while the modern stage draws inspiration from the Sydney Opera House. The structures-lead design will make use of pioneering panelised gingerbread construction techniques, including prefabricated elements to ensure clean finishes while minimising crumb spillage and facade crackage. The structure will be lavishly decorated using traditional icing techniques and aesthetically enhancing sweets, which exposes the underlining supports and celebrates the innovative gingerbread composition.

The design team is led by Project Director Claire Young who will be supported by Senior Engineer Ed Robinson, Design Engineers Dominique Pitman and Tyron Mullins and Technician Alfie Brewster, all with notable experience of delivering award winning and challenging projects across the confectionary sector. The programme for the theatre is tight with on-site completion due on the 4th December 2018 and the opening ceremony taking place on the 8th December 2018 for members of the public to view the entire City made of Gingerbread. You can find out more about this unusual project at

An unusual, sweet smelling and tasty London commission!