13th April 2023

Attending UKREiiF 2023!


With UKREiiF returning to Leeds for its second year, members of our Director team from across our 4 studios will be attending and what’s more we’ll be taking the opportunity to celebrate 10 years of us being known as Civic Engineers and a new home for our Leeds studio!

Our UKREiiF activity confirmed so far includes;

Wednesday 17th May @ 3.30pm – Designing from district to doorknob; a panel discussion in partnership with Hawkins Brown. With speakers including our Chief Executive, Stephen O’Malley; Partner at Hawkins Brown, Ewan Graham, Interim Head of Regeneration at GLA, Louise Duggan and Nicola Rigby, Principal Development, Land.

The session will explore how designing and delivering Net Zero is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity. We must do things differently and really deliver but change isn’t happening quickly enough and it’s not really joined up. Success relies on many things including collaboration, a holistic approach and behavioural change. This panel will explore the challenges we face across scales of development and most importantly look at the solutions and how we can make things happen….quickly!

Wednesday, 17th May @ 5.30pm –  Celebrating our 10 years of Civic Engineers & a new home for our Leeds team – join us for tapas and drinks at Bomba Paella in Saw Mills Yard. To find out more or be added to the guest list contact

Members of our Director team listed below will be attending. To arrange a meeting, get in contact;

Rob Westcott – Director, London

Isla Jackson – Director, Glasgow

Stephen O’Malley – Chief Executive

Julian Broster – Chief Operating Officer

Leah Stuart – Director, Leeds

James Bruce – Director, Manchester

Attending UKREiiF 2023!