11th April 2024

Circular materials: pushing the agenda forward


What do we need to do in 2024 to push the material reuse agenda forward?

“Industry wide frameworks”
“Sharing knowledge and experiences”
“Better relationships with our supply chain partners”
“Expanded material databases and marketplaces”

There were just a few of the ideas shared by our expert panel at our Circular Materials roundtable, which we hosted in collaboration with Willmott Dixon and FORE Partnership at our London Studio.

We took a deep dive into the successes, setbacks, challenges and opportunities around material reuse, alongside an expert panel of engineers, architects, project managers, academics and developers.

Our director Gareth Atkinson showcased the 318 Oxford Street and TBC.London project, where – in a deal conceived by ourselves and FORE – pre-WWII steel is being re-used for what is believed to be the first time in the UK.

The innovative ‘urban mining’ approach has seen 20 tonnes of 1930s steel beams salvaged from The Elephant, the former House of Fraser at 318 Oxford Street, to be reused in TBC.London, the new office scheme by FORE Partnership. Following the roundtable, we took a tour of TBC.London to take in the impressive reused and reimagined building, which has been praised by the Mayor of Southwark as “a true asset to the community.” Find out more about the project here.

With rising temperatures and countries worldwide overshooting their carbon targets, reducing the embodied carbon of our structures is more important than ever. Thanks to all our collaborators who joined us.

Circular materials: pushing the agenda forward