31st March 2020

Civic Engineers STEM Challenge – Stunning Structures #DoingSTEMdifferently

With hoards of parents looking for ways to not only keep their kids entertained but also provide learning opportunities, we thought we’d do our bit and set a fun engineering challenge, suitable for all ages! It’s an opportunity to have fun, promote teamwork but also learn a little bit about structural engineering.

The Challenge

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it,  is to build the tallest, most impressive structure out of household items. Maybe go easy on the toilet roll though, it’s in short supply! You need to try to ensure your structure stands up, remains up and looks stunning.

Every couple of days, some of our engineers will provide some tips on things you need to think about so check out our twitter and LinkedIn pages @civicengineers for updates.

We place great importance on drawing and sketching at Civic Engineers so if you can sketch or draw what you think your structure will look like first that would be great.

We’ll be looking for the Civic Engineers values in your structures – so you should be able to demonstrate you have been ‘ingenious’, ‘curious’, ‘collaborative’, ‘helpful’ and ‘passionate’ about what you have built. 

How to enter

  • Decide what you’re going to build your structure out of and gather your design team
  • Maybe do a sketch or drawing of what it will look like
  • Build it and see how tall and impressive you can make it and how long it can stand up for
  • Share it with us – you can do this by asking an adult to share it with us via twitter @civicengineers, via LinkedIN or you can email your pictures to
  • Don’t forget to include the name and age of your main engineer (they should be under 16!)

The closing date to submit your structures by is 5pm on Wednesday 8th April. We’ll be picking a few that we think are particularly impressive and sending them a little prize.

Good luck and Happy Engineering!

Civic Engineers STEM Challenge – Stunning Structures #DoingSTEMdifferently