13th February 2024

Hannah Keighley features on Wise Women Conversations podcast 


Hannah Keighley, associate in our Leeds studio, has shared her experiences of working in the built environment industry with Wise Women Conversations podcast. 

Hannah joined cultural producer Sue Ball to discuss a wide range of topics, including diversity and inclusivity in the industry, the political challenges in placemaking and strategies for culturally rich and sustainable urban development. 

The podcast follows on from last year’s Leeds 2023 Year of Culture programme. As part of the programme, Hannah and a team from our Leeds studio took place in the WOW Women of the World Festival, a 24-hour challenge to raise a temporary barn structure as part of a communal effort. Reflecting on the positive impact of the barn raise, Hannah shares how it and other initiatives celebrate the achievements of women and non-binary people.  

Hannah said: “We must embrace diversity in our workforce because it brings something different. We should all be looking to work in different ways – when we’re designing, we’re designing for people, so it’s vital all communities are included throughout. 

“What I loved most about taking part in the WOW Barn was speaking to women who hadn’t previously had the opportunity to practice skills in woodwork and metalwork, and were really enjoying it. It was so rewarding to work together and celebrate their success.” 

The podcast explored other themes including: 

  • How cities have unique cultures and must reflect their own communities, and how to ensure people are included in the dialogue of development 
  • The creativity of engineering, including collaborating with design teams to think creatively about who projects are created for, and how they can positively impact biodiversity and the environment 
  • The importance of doing things differently in response to climate change, including the benefits of nature-based solutions and raingardens  

Listen to the podcast here. 

Hannah Keighley features on Wise Women Conversations podcast