6th May 2021

Improving our sketching skills with The Drawing Gym

Put very simply, we love sketching! We encourage all our engineers to sketch out their ideas, designs and we use it as a key way of communicating effectively amongst ourselves and with our collaborators and clients. It’s a fantastic way of explaining sometimes complex designs.

Over recent weeks, our engineers have been exercising their illustration skills by taking part in Trevor Flynn’s renowned Drawing Gym. We have worked closely with Trevor to tailor the course to specific needs of our engineers and the nature of the work that we do. The sessions are already paying off and the attendees are learning valuable new skills, producing some fabulous work and sometimes surprising themselves with what they are capable of delivering.

Here’s what some of them had to say;

“I thoroughly enjoyed sketching with Trevor! Using tracing paper, thick/thin line weights and profile lines to add depth transported me right back to my GCSE Graphic Products class. Previous to the course I was notorious at avoiding sketching, but now I have embraced it as a key skill to communicate my ideas. I plan to use the skills I have developed and apply them into sketching using my Wacom Drawing pad, which I use on a daily basis.”

Dai Ravenscroft, Structural Design Engineer

It is wonderful to be given dedicated time to work on our sketching skills and be given the confidence to attempt more complex techniques. I am really looking forward to the remaining sessions!

Claire Young, Design Engineer

Trevor Flynn, Drawing at Work Director delivering the sessions said,   “ I am delighted to help Civic Engineers develop their skills and explore new ways of applying sketching in design and visual communication.  They have a culture of sketching in their offices and have chosen to further differentiate their engineers from those who don’t sketch. Four cohorts have been formed totalling over sixty engineers, mixing together London, Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds studios.  Having Senior engineers sketching alongside graduates generates a uniquely powerful energy and a fresh social interaction

Trevor Flynn, Director – Drawing at Work

Improving our sketching skills with The Drawing Gym