22nd March 2018

Inspiring future engineers!

Recently 4 of our engineers took part in a Futures Fair held at Manchester High School for Girls. The evening, aimed at Year 9 and Year 10 students and their parents, saw representatives from a number of different jobs come and talk to the students about potential future careers and the skills and interests they might need to go into them.

Daniela, Rachael, Nanette and Karolina did a fantastic job, talking about not only Civic Engineers but civil and structural engineering in general. They explained why they feel passionate about engineering, discussed what they studied that has enabled them to have an engineering career and provided advice on the subjects they learnt at school that have helped them. They also showcased some of our projects and talked about what they do on a day to day basis. Hopefully their presentations have inspired some of the students to become future engineers!

Inspiring future engineers!

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