6th March 2024

MIPIM 2024: what topics are shaping the industry?


Ahead of MIPIM kicking off next week, we’ve spoken to our team to hear their insights on the topics shaping the industry in 2024.

Here’s what directors James Bruce and Isla Jackson had to say, in the second of our series:

James Bruce, director in our Manchester studio, said: “How we, as an industry, can work together to reduce embodied carbon – or the carbon intensity of structures themselves – is front of mind for many. The majority of a building’s embodied cardon is released upfront in the construction stage at the beginning of a building’s life. Unlike with operational carbon, there is no chance to decrease embodied carbon with updates in efficiency after the building is constructed. There is an urgent need to address embodied carbon now to meet both short-term and long-term climate targets.

“We’re coming up with so many innovative construction methods and materials to help reduce the carbon footprint of projects, such as new floor construction techniques, timber and hybrid materials, and other bespoke sustainability strategies, but there’s still some way to go until the market fully embraces these approaches and sees them as a priority. We must come together to share and learn from best practice to accelerate progress.”

Isla Jackson, director in our Glasgow studio, commented: “Demand for quality, sustainable homes that allow people to lead happier and healthier lives is high, and how we best meet it collectively is sure to be a talking point at MIPIM. In Scotland, for example, the introduction of rent caps by the Scottish Government is having a far-ranging impact on developers and activity in the housing sector.

“Glasgow and Edinburgh are particularly attractive investment destinations, but many projects have stalled with a knock-on effect on affordability and availability of housing. It is widely believed that rent caps are creating barriers to investment, as well as affecting the industry’s focus on net zero and energy efficiency commitments. MIPIM will be an important meeting point for the industry to discuss and debate these issues and champion sustainable growth.”

Our CEO Stephen O’Malley, Katrina Davis, our director of communications and culture, and Andrew Ruck, director in our London studio, will be attending MIPIM to share insights on how we can create an urban and natural environment that is fit for the future. Our team are keen to meet about our other studios and work in other cities. So, if you’re attending MIPIM and would like to arrange a catch up or would like to hear more about our stand session, please get in touch with Katrina Davis at

MIPIM 2024: what topics are shaping the industry?