10th July 2023

NextGen Networking


Back in June the NLA hosted a NextGen networking evening for its members at our London studios, next to the Thames. The members-only evening was a great opportunity for guests to connect with peers from across the built environment and enjoy catching up with over 60 fellow members.

Reflecting back on a perfect sun-soaked evening, where the conversation was flowing and so were the ideas and inspiring insights, we’ve shared some thoughts from two of our team members in attendance. For more details on the NextGen networking series and the ways it supports and champions young talent within the industry, visit here.

“With the sun shining and the balcony doors open to allow guests to take in the views of Tower Bridge and debate which famous person may be staying on the very large yacht parked outside (perhaps Beyonce… but I wouldn’t like to start rumours!) – the scene was set for a brilliant evening of networking with the next generation of our industry.

“The turn out did not disappoint, with over 60 guests in attendance, conversations were flowing and I really enjoyed meeting new people and learning about their practices and passions.

What was clear from the conversations I had, is that we all share a common goal for a more sustainable future – discussing sustainable materials and ideas for retrofitting amongst other topics, leaving me with an excitement for how the next generation of our industry is going to push boundaries now, and in the future.”

Charlotte Cameron, Associate, Civic Engineers


“Between conversational snippets on joint project ventures, Balham’s diagonal crossing (the first in the UK built in 2005) and the issues with the use of air condition in the Die-Hard franchise (the event was attended by MEP engineers), the major benefits of networking as a graduate engineer dawned on me. Beyond just padding out one’s LinkedIn connections list, there remains the possibility that any of the attendees could go on to be this generation’s Brunel – making that contact potentially invaluable.

“The youth of the engineering sphere are the key to driving forward widespread sustainability and to be amongst a hive of energy and ideas was markedly gratifying. Sometimes it can be tough to see the bigger picture in a world ever more partisan. My biggest takeaway was, therefore, a greater sense of motivation in working for the common good.

“The night was kicked off by a rousing speech from our very own Charlotte Cameron which paved the way for high-grade Thursday night mingling. Supplemented by a variety of beverages and a smorgasbord of Sri Lankan treats – courtesy of the excellent Everest Curry King in Lewisham. Highlight of the night? For many that would be the enchanting balcony views the London Studio provides. What better setting for infrastructure chit-chat than the night view of Tower Bridge (and to a lesser extent the billionaire’s yacht parked just outside).

“Much thanks and praise should be given to all the team at Civic Engineers and the NLA for putting on an excellent, well-run night whose attendance ran into the high 60s. I, for one, will be attending more NLA next gen events if this one is anything to go by.”

Kieran Lyons, Graduate Engineer, Civic Engineers

NextGen Networking