23rd April 2020

Our Structural STEM Challenge Winners!!

Yesterday you saw the impressive runners up, well today it’s time to announce the winners.

It was certainly a tricky job for our judges, engineers Oscar and Dominique but they stepped up and picked out 3 fantastic structures and in no particular order, here are our winners;

Ayaan, aged 4. Ayaan built a brilliant tower from the pots and pans in the house. The judges were impressed by how beautiful his tower was and his attention to detail. His use of materials from his kitchen was ingenious and they loved how he had ordered the pots and pans. Well done Ayaan!

Elsa (8), Zita (12) and Maisie (14) – Check out this outdoor structure set against a bright blue sky! In this case our judges commended them on their sketch as sketching is so important to our design process. They again loved the creative use of materials, particularly the netball hoop at the top – we’d love to hear if they scored some goals through that. They noted the strong foundations and the elaborate decorations. Great work!

Theo (13) and Seb (11) – Check out the design process here from start to finish! Our judges loved the mindmap and particularly the fact that roles within the design team were set out clearly. The exploratory sketch of the Eiffel Tower showing how a structure stands up was a particularly nice addition and the finished structure stood proudly outside!

Thanks again to everyone who entered. You showed us brilliant examples of you being ingenious, curious, passionate, helpful and collaborative – all values that underpin everything we do at Civic Engineers! Be sure to come and see us about a job when you’re all older and hopefully choose engineering as your career path.

Our Structural STEM Challenge Winners!!

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