14th March 2022

Progress on the Cycle to MIPIM


It’s Day 6 of the Knight Frank Cycle to MIPIM with Club Peloton and it has been a long couple of days with the Peloton facing tough weather conditions.

Despite this, when our two tired and slightly achy Civic Engineers checked in with us yesterday, spirits were high and the main focus was innovative ways to dry out the kit so it was ready for 7am this morning!

The weekend had mainly seemed to consist of tiring headwinds and stages of around 250km. So far both James and Gareth have cycled every stage of the ride and seem determined to ensure it stays like that until they reach Cannes tomorrow afternoon.

James commented, “I’m absolutely loving it. Spirits are really good amongst the team and everyone is doing really well. Sunday was particularly wet and cold to the point where people were having to shout or sing through the last stages and there were a lot of shivering people that arrived at the hotel. Now we’re all just trying to warm up! Gareth has got into his stride as Ride Captain and has been motivating everyone with his singing (apparently he and Sam McClary are considering starting a band), the amazing food stops for baguettes, croissants and cakes help too. The scenery has been pretty but quite flat, though we now start to head into the hills so we’re expecting lots of climbing.”

Meanwhile, Gareth spoke about how having trained in tough UK weather conditions was paying off, “It’s all going really well. I am really enjoying being a ride Captain, I enjoy motivating people and helping everyone try to stay positive during the trickier stages, the mental element is as important as the physical. The conditions have been difficult and extremely tiring but we’ve made great progress. The weather we have faced makes the fact we trained in the UK winter worthwhile as it’s not the first time we’ve experienced tough winds and torrential rain.”

At the time of writing, as James and Gareth made a guest appearance on the North Studio team briefing, the peloton had spent the first couple of stages on Day 6 climbing 2000m and were looking forward to a spot of lunch!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to get behind the team and help fundraise from the amazing charities the ride supports, visit a big thank you to our amazing sponsors, Bluebeam, Newforma, Careys, Social, Symetri, CGL, Plan A, Cubic Interactive, Town Centre Securities and everyone who has donated so far.

Progress on the Cycle to MIPIM