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318 Oxford Street is a landmark building nestled in the heart of central London’s bustling streets. Originally erected as a department store for DH Evans, this architectural gem hails from the mid-1930s, boasting eight storeys above ground and two below, all situated within a conservation area. In its heyday, it stood as a beacon of modernity, introducing the novelty of escalators serving all levels, a testament to its forward-thinking design

As shifts in retail paradigms reshaped the urban landscape, 318 Oxford Street underwent a transformative journey to adapt to contemporary needs. With the realisation that the traditional department store model was no longer viable, the decision was made to reimagine this iconic structure as a vibrant mixed-use scheme. The vision encompassed a blend of offices, ground-floor retail spaces, a captivating rooftop restaurant, and a fitness haven, ensuring the building’s relevance in the evolving urban fabric.

Charting the course of redevelopment, Civic Engineers embarked on a meticulous exploration of preservation and innovation. Rather than opting for complete demolition or façade retention, an approach rooted in sustainability and efficiency emerged. Through strategic intervention, most of the existing building structure was retained, with only the top two floors giving way to a modern, three-storey steel frame addition. Delving into the building’s architectural DNA revealed unique elements such as precast concrete floors and solid circular steel columns, inspiring innovative solutions for preservation and enhancement.

Civic Engineers’ commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect of the project, from structural retention to material reuse. Extensive research and analysis enabled the repurposing of historic steelwork, minimising the project’s carbon footprint while infusing the rooftop restaurant with distinctive architectural flair. By repurposing original columns to support the new floor and integrating them as a focal point in the restaurant, the project not only preserves heritage but also celebrates it in a contemporary context.

Collaboration and innovation converge as Civic Engineers assume responsibility for the structural integrity of the façade, seamlessly integrating this crucial aspect into the overarching redevelopment vision. With a keen eye on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, alternative approaches to façade repairs are explored, ensuring harmony between refurbishment and preservation. Through meticulous coordination and forward-thinking engineering, Civic Engineers elevate 318 Oxford Street into a symbol of sustainable urban renewal.