Joseph Homes
Civil & Structural Engineers

Paxton House, Cargreen Road

Paxton House is a 4 storey L-shaped building, originally built in the 1970’s as commercial offices. Civic Engineers acted as civil and structural engineers for its redevelopment into residential apartments with Alma-nac Architects and Joseph Homes.

The works include adding new external balconies at each level, a rear access walkway which allowed dual aspect apartments throughout, a 5-storey infill extension in the corner, and an additional storey on the original part.

A thorough appraisal of the building was carried out, which showed the original r.c. frame was very lightly reinforced and some columns needed strengthening to suit the additional storey loads. This was done using carbon fibre wraps, which was quick and easy to install. The additional storey was set back from the edges and the original roof only designed for light access loading. A steel frame just above the roof was built to suit the extension layout supported on stub columns. The body of the extension was constructed using lightweight SFS.

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Images courtesy of Joseph Homes