The National Trust
Civil Engineer and Contract Administrator

The Red House, Bexleyheath

The Red House is the Grade-I listed former country home of famous artist, designer, craftsman, writer  William Morris.  Designed by Philip Webb, the house was constructed in 1859 in an area that was, at the time, considered the countryside south east of London.  Today the National Trust are the current custodians of the beautifully detailed Arts and Crafts red brick house, which still contain some fine examples of Morris’ wallpaper prints.

Over recent years the house has become subject to movement and settlement.  Investigations concluded that broken buried drain runs were causing heave and shrinkage beneath the shallow foundations in the clay substrate. Civic Engineers have assisted the client through redesigning the drainage for the property, including bringing back into use a recently discovered large underground disused brick domed rainwater harvesting tank. This will provide much needed water storage for maintaining the magnificent garden.

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The Red House, Bexleyheath