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University College London (UCL) – SSEES

This new seven storey reinforced concrete frame building, constructed in a gap site up against existing buildings on three sides, is an example of a truly sustainable and low energy building in Central London.

Its innovative form is derived from the Natural Ventilation Strategy, the requirement for air chimneys 4m above the roof apex around the front and rear elevations and also from a horseshoe-shaped access driveway under the building at ground level.  The site is in a Conservation Area, and the front elevation comprises a structural brick wall, supported independently off the r.c. frame and laterally restrained by a series of arched fin walls running perpendicular along the back of the wall. The roof structure is an exposed glulam timber frame built off the 5th floor slab, with an ETFE pillow roof over the central atrium. The building was opened in 2005 and won a RIBA Award in 2006.

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