13th December 2023

Quality of Life Foundation publishes Civic Engineers’ insights in biodiversity net gain report


Our director Paul Morris has shared insights for the Quality of Life Foundation’s report on the benefits of investing in biodiversity net gain (BNG) for health, wellbeing, communities and the environment.

The Quality of Life Foundation is a UK charity focused on raising people’s quality of life and wellbeing across the built environment. In line with our commitment to improving quality of life across the UK, we’re proud to partner with the foundation and provide insights and pro bono support to help it achieve its charitable objectives.

Coming into effect in 2024, BNG will mean most large, new developments in England will be legally required to deliver a minimum of 10% net gain of biodiversity net gain, meaning the natural environment will be left in a measurably better state than before.

The Quality of Life Foundation’s report outlines how the industry can make the most of the new legislation. It highlights how developers, local authorities and consultants are supporting the recovery of nature in housing developments by managing the process of achieving biodiversity net gain.

It showcases exemplar projects – including our work on Leeds Climate Innovation District – and provides insights and recommendations to the industry and policy-makers.

Commenting in the report, Paul said: “The holistic benefits of bringing nature onto sites means that if you’re spending money on your site through creating a better environment, you’re really adding value to your development.

“BNG is now a critical element of the appraisal process for a site and it is forcing the hand of developers to take it seriously.

“When you look at it in conjunction with creating attractive streets, there’s also the increased value of encouraging people to spend time and money on the street and amenities. Creating attractive corridors for walking and cycling means there’s health benefits, and this benefits the economy too.”

Read the report here.

[Image credit: Quality of Life Foundation]

Quality of Life Foundation publishes Civic Engineers’ insights in biodiversity net gain report