22nd September 2021

Shaping better cities – attending LREF 2021

Next week, our Co-founding Director Stephen O’Malley and London Director’s Gareth Atkinson and Rob Westcott will all be attending the London Real Estate Forum, the annual thought leadership conference at Barbican Centre. Stephen will also be contributing to the agenda. Held over 2 days, Wednesday 29th and Thursday, 30th September, the event, organised by NLA, brings together key decision makers from across the built environment industry, government, investment and business communities to drive sustainable investment and development in cities.

Of particular relevance to us, given our presence in 4 UK cities, our work across the country and our support as Programme Champion for the NLA’s Resilient London research,  is the focus on learning from other cities, identifying common challenges and working collaboratively to find solutions.

So, if you’re attending and you’d like to arrange to meet our team, drop us a line. We look forward to seeing you there!

Stephen O’Malley –

Rob Westcott –

Gareth Atkinson –

Shaping better cities – attending LREF 2021