16th May 2019

Supporting ‘BOUNDARIES’ an event by Levitt Bernstein and Shelter

The notion of boundaries, whether physical or mental, define how we behave and interact within a space. This is especially evident when it comes to our homes, where we mark our territory with anything from iron gates to garden hedges. Yet there are 170,000 people in London who don’t have a safe, secure and stable place to call their own. And as the housing crisis deepens, more and more people are being forced into temporary accommodation or onto the streets.

In partnership with Shelter, Levitt Bernstein– a creative practice of architects, urban designers and landscape architects who are collaborators and friends of ours – are organising an auction as part of the London Festival of Architecture to raise awareness and money to help tackle homelessness. Civic Engineers are proud to be supporting this initiative. Featuring pieces from the city’s famous faces, creative industries and those who have lived experience of homelessness, it will paint a picture of how we experience boundaries in our everyday lives.

Supporting ‘BOUNDARIES’ an event by Levitt Bernstein and Shelter

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