3rd November 2021

Civic comments on COP


With COP26 taking place in Glasgow until 13th November and the World Leaders coming to the end of their time together, we asked our teams across our studios in London, Manchester, Leeds and at the home of COP in Glasgow, to tell us what they would like to see come out of the COP negotiations. With sustainability and climate resilient at the heart of the Civic Engineers approach, all of our team are passionate about the difference they can make, our work must make and the need to ensure that real change takes place to address the climate emergency, so people and places can thrive and survive.

Here’s what our Bid Manager, Suzanne Mack, based out of our Glasgow studio had to say;

“I would like to see a commitment from governments to help all of society live greener lifestyles and contribute to reducing their impact on the environment.  For many low and middle income families green solutions remain financially out of reach, electric cars remain expensive to buy and run; green energy suppliers are generally more expensive and green modifications to properties cost a small fortune. These are all being touted as major factors to reducing carbon production but the reality is that most of these solutions are currently only accessible to the few not the many. For that to shift Governments will need to help the many access these solutions.  To meet the ambitious targets that governments will need to commit to will require all in society to play their part by living greener lifestyles. Governments will need to acknowledge that significant economic and education support will be required to make this happen.”

Civic comments on COP

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