Adrian Koba

Senior Engineer

After completing master’s degree in Structural Engineering and Architecture in the Czech Republic, I was approached by a company in the UK and offered a job over here. I accepted the offer and that is how my adventure of working in the engineering sector in the UK begun.

When I started as a graduate, the urban infrastructure was only focused on narrow footways and guard railing pedestrians by wide, busy roads. During my 18 year career I have worked for many multidisciplinary consultancies such as Aecom and WSP. I worked on several highway and public realm projects. It is amazing how the streetscape has evolved over the past years. There are so many additional aspects to public space such as cycle superhighways, electric transport, vehicle charging, sustainable drainage.

I enjoy challenging tasks, expanding my knowledge and improving my workflow by focusing on detail.  The ability to see my projects successfully implemented is always fulfilling.

In my free time, I like to spend my time as a wedding and landscape photographer.  This is a great escape from every day’s routine. It triggers my creativity in finding different angles and compositions. I love discovering new and interesting locations, I have never been to before. I also own a collection of vintage film cameras and enjoy shooting film for a specific aged look.

I took this picture of the Millennium bridge. I was trying to achieve a very specific style of shooting I really like. I always try to highlight the contrast between historical places and modern architecture. London cloudy and soft light weather is the perfect factor to these types of snaps.

Adrian Koba