Aidan West

Graduate Engineer

I’m a recent graduate from the Structural Engineering and Architecture graduate from the University of Sheffield. Though quite a demanding course, it gave me a great deal of understanding and appreciation of architectural design in addition to my engineering education.

I’m fascinated by sustainability within the built environment which is the reason that first attracted me to Civic and their sensitive and responsible approaches to their designs and the impacts they make. I’m originally from just outside of Manchester so it’s very exciting to be working with Civic on my first projects in a place I recognize.

When I’m not working, I’m usually outdoors. Having lived on both sides of the peak district, I’m a keen trail runner, climber and hiker, over the summer completing both the Pennine Way and West Highland Way. Previous expeditions also include hiking in Japan and Myanmar, and bike packing around Korea and Finland. I’m also passionate about photography and capturing memorable moment of my travels.

Here was a photo I took hiking through the Rannoch Moor in Scotland this autumn. I always like taking trips out to new places and my next goal is to save up to buy and covert my own camper van to go touring.

Aidan West

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