Andrew Peeke

Civil Design Engineer

Hi, I’m Andrew Nigel Peeke, a civil engineering graduate from the University of Kent and currently a design civil engineer at Civic Engineers.

I started in the industry as an apprentice engineer in 2013 at a multidisciplinary engineering company in London, where I gained a wealth of experience in civil engineering on medium and high-rise residential projects.

I joined Civic Engineers in March 2021, have been working on a larger variety of projects, which I never had the opportunity to work on previously and gaining a better understanding of how SuDS can be used. This has made me more aware of the impact projects have on the public that utilize them as well as the surrounding environment.

When I am not working, I spend a lot of my free time outdoors, in the summer months I enjoy playing cricket and in the winter months I enjoy walking. Other activities that I enjoy are photography, baking and gardening.

An item that is important to me is my 1978 Canon AT1 film camera.

I got it a few years back and even though it’s over 40 years old, it still works as if it was new. As it uses 35mm film, which costs quite a bit to purchase and develop nowadays, I have had to take a more concentrated approach when taking photos, which has made me understand photography more as an art form as well as producing in my opinion better photographs.

Andrew Peeke