Daniel Santiago Paez Moreno

Design Engineer

I’m Daniel Santiago, a civil engineer and MSc in Structural engineering with 8 years of experience working on structural design of projects across the US and Latin America. I joined Civic in July 2023 after my MSc studies in Transport Infrastructure at the University of Leeds.

Alongside my career, I have also taught modules on Earthquake and Bridge Engineering in Colombia, which allowed me to continuously learn and apply the knowledge on a wide range of projects, from buildings to oil and gas infrastructure.

I strongly believe in discipline and perseverance as the driving force behind life goals. I have a strong passion for swimming, running, cycling, and exploring new destinations. I love taking part in competitions that allow me to push myself and have a wonderful time with my friends. I cherish each medal I earn as a unique memory.

Linking my love for travel with athletic competitions, I have run four marathons— Medellin, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris—each a fusion of personal accomplishment and cultural immersion.

In addition to sports, I enjoy sharing time with friends and family cooking, tasting and learning about coffee, and crafting cocktails.

Daniel Santiago Paez Moreno