David Paterson


Hi, I’m David, a Chartered Engineer and SER Certifier specialising in the design of building structures. I graduated in 1997 from Edinburgh University and since then I’ve gained a wide range of experience working in consultancies in the UK and UAE.

I started my engineering journey with a Scottish consultancy where I worked on the design of many commercial and residential projects across the UK and became a Chartered Civil Engineer in 2003. In 2004 I joined WS Atkins in Abu Dhabi where I lived for 3 years and had the pleasure of working on several exciting buildings. Since my return to the UK, I have worked from offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and the Scottish Borders. I worked at Cundall for almost 9 years before joining the team at Civic Engineers.

I’m experienced in the design of many building types from small scale residential to high-rise towers but find most enjoyment comes when collaborating with fellow design professionals to deliver fantastic projects. I’m excited about the evolving role engineers have in leading the drive towards net-zero carbon and improving climate resilience in our built environment.

Away from work, playing rugby dominated my youth however this gave way to trail/ultra running for a while which I’m afraid now seems to have morphed into slow hiking! Although my first passion is for the open countryside, the structural engineer in me couldn’t fail to be inspired by Santiago Calatrava’s City of Arts & Sciences in Valencia, the venue for my first marathon!

David Paterson