Erik Stopp

Senior Civil Engineer

Originally hailing from Adelaide, Australia – I have a varied transport and civil engineering background across local government and the private sector. In my career I have experienced the many facets of ‘hard’ engineering which has its place and can be exciting but I’ve taken pride in developing infrastructure and transport systems that put people, place and the active travel experience first.

This has often involved rationalisation of roadway space for greener and more comfortable pedestrian and cycling environments as well as designing infrastructure from a minimalist standpoint that encourages behaviour rather than discourages. There are many easy and overlooked examples of this everywhere across our road networks, for instance –should a pedestrian require a barrier fence to tell them where to go in the public realm or could the design have been better?

Here in the London Studio, I have enjoyed translating this passion to much larger projects where there is opportunity to achieve these outcomes on a much grander scale. While these projects are larger, I find myself always thinking as a user (be it pedestrian, cyclist or driver) in the resulting environment to keep the design in touch with these values.

One of my most valued possessions is my experiences which I try to expand every chance I get, both professionally and personally although I find the two quite often intermix.

To this end, I enjoy travelling to new places, seeing solutions to the problems they face, listening to experiences where I can and then trying for myself if I find it appealing.

Erik Stopp