Farjad Khan

Design Engineer

I completed my studies at the University of Salford, Manchester where I completed my undergraduate BEng Civil Engineering degree and postgraduate MSc degree in Structural Engineering. I am currently working towards becoming Chartered Structural Engineer. Since starting my career in 2014, I have been involved in various type of projects in sectors such as residential, commercial, healthcare, MOD, aviation, and stadia. I have also gained experience in computational designs.

I grew up in three countries, Pakistan, Malaysia, and England. Growing up in multicultural environment I was able to learn more languages. I am a multilingual and can converse in 4 languages (English, Urdu, Malay and Punjabi). From a young age I developed interest in structures and how things were built which led me to pursuing studies and career in engineering. Whilst I like all forms of structures and enjoy designing them, one particular type I enjoy visiting are tall structures/skyscraper. I have so far visited the following skyscrapers: Petron as Towers (MY), Kuala Lumpur Tower (MY), CN Tower (CA), Burj Khalifa (UAE), The Shard and Blackpool Tower (this just about scrapes into the skyscraper above 150m height list). I hope to continue this venture of
visiting more skyscrapers around the world once the lockdown and travel bans are fully lifted. I enjoy various food cuisines and always in search of good and tasty food. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and going on long walks. I also have twin toddler sons, so I try to spend as much time with them and try to allocate some playtime on daily basis, especially after work. After all it is crucial to have a good work-life balance. I took the image below from the 125 th floor of Burj Khalifa looking towards Sheikh Zayed intersection, city skyline, Persian Gulf sea and the horizon hidden by desert fog. It is really fascinating to see the world from that high in a building.

Farjad Khan

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