Finlay Gray

Design Engineer

In 2019 I completed my MEng in Civil Engineering at Heriot Watt university in Edinburgh. Although studying Civil Engineering, I made sure to broaden my knowledge base by choosing electives that were more Structurally focussed. I took a great interest in this side of my degree, leading me to being accepted at Civic as a Graduate Structural Engineer in my first job in the Engineering field.

Edinburgh was an amazing city to study in and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of it as a place to study or even just going for a visit. The incredible range of culture and history in the city alone will never get old to me and I’m sure I will be back many times in the future.

Outside of Engineering I am very interested in cooking and spend most of my free time developing my skills in the kitchen. Over the years I have slowly been collecting a wide range of cookbooks and cooking related books, and the one shown below is up there with the best. Every recipe I’ve tried from it has been incredible and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Other than cooking, I also enjoy going climbing at various centres in London, as well as seeing live music of all types.

Finlay Gray

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