George Lovett

Graduate Structural Engineer

I am a recent graduate of the University of Leeds where I studied an integrated masters in Civil and Structural Engineering. My main focus at university was structural engineering. I am also very interested in computational fluid dynamics. I did both my dissertations on this topic; the first on modelling a piano key weir to assess its potential positive environmental impacts and the second on computer and wind tunnel modelling of old train station roofs to better inform the current Eurocode pressure coefficient tables for restoration purposes. This insight into how fluids behave with structures has given me some really good knowledge for designing and analyzing structures.

Outside of work I am a very keen mountaineer, having been President of the mountaineering club at university. I also really enjoying cycling, skateboarding and snowboarding. I spend most of my spare time climbing in the Yorkshire dales or exploring somewhere outdoors.

Below is a picture of my 1985 VW T25 named Dolly, taken on the Balmoral estate in the Highlands. After graduating I did up the van and fixed the engine then went and explored Northumberland and Scotland for the summer. I spend most of my weekends bopping about in the van or climbing somewhere in the country.

George Lovett

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