Harry Morton

Design Engineer

I joined Civic Engineers in June 2020, having graduated from the University of Sheffield in Civil Engineering with German in 2019.

Outside of university, the bulk of my real-world engineering experience has come from volunteering with a local charity – the Buckingham Canal Society –who are renovating an abandoned canal near my hometown of Milton Keynes. In the year following my graduation, I helped out as a labourer on the restoration of a bridge on this route.

Projects like this, which have lasting positive impacts on quality of life and the environment, sparked my initial interest in civil engineering. Within Civic’s Urban Infrastructure team, I have already had the opportunity to contribute to many diverse schemes that put people and sustainability first.

In my free time, I enjoy sports and music. I am a runner at heart but, as the owner of two dodgy knees, I tend to find myself in the swimming pool or out on my bike instead. Music-wise, I play drums and guitar. In Sheffield, I had great fun as the drummer in a jazz band, although I’ve since ‘gone solo’ and have been having a go at recording my own music at home… with mixed results!

Something with meaning to me is the city of Aachen in Germany – as part of my degree I was lucky to spend a year studying here. I have fond memories of befriending people from all over the world, travelling Europe and – of course – enjoying German beer. I’m the stereotypical year abroad student who can (and will) talk endlessly about this, so I’ve chosen some photos to sum it up instead!

Harry Morton