Julia Weston

Leeds Studio Co-ordinator

Hey guys, I’m Julia! I joined the team in Leeds in September 2022, before that I spent 5 years working in a national law firm in Leeds. I started as an Apprentice Office Assistant, before moving into one of the Legal Services teams as a Paralegal. I then worked in a number of different Legal teams for about 3 years, most recently in Tax Advisory.

Originally from Katowice Poland, I moved to England with my mum and dad at the age of 7. You might not believe it by the amount I like to talk now, but I actually didn’t know a single word of English when we moved.

Outside of work I love travelling and exploring new places with my husband and our crazy Cocker Spaniel, Kora. I’ve always had a massive appreciation for different cultures and cuisines, and love spending free time cooking for friends & family, as well as of course… eating, loads.

I’ve always loved being around horses and recently decided to start having horse riding lessons again (a hobby I used to do when I was younger). It’s needless to say I am very much a beginner again, constantly being told to put my heels down and nowhere near a level where I could own my own horse BUT this is the beauty called Peggy that I am currently learning on.

Julia Weston