Lewis Towt

Civil Design Engineer

Hello! I’m Lewis, a Civil Design Engineer working for the Urban Infrastructure team in Leeds.

I graduated from Heriot Watt University in 2017 with a MEng (hons) degree in Civil Engineering. Following graduation, I further built up my skills working as a Civil Engineer with Stantec UK (formally Peter Brett Associates) before joining Civic Engineers at the beginning of 2022.

With Civic Engineers, I have worked on a wide array of projects across the UK including Pinewood Studios, the Blyth Culture Hub and Market Place, and the Newcastle City Centre Transformation Programme. I have supported and delivered infrastructure design work across numerous stages, ranging from conceptual design to construction.

As an engineer I strongly believe in the power of design to help build a greener and more sustainable society, and provide a better world for everyone to live in. Using my experience in navigating the world of planning and real-life constraints, I aim to deliver design work which achieves these goals while providing the best outcome for both clients and users.

Beyond work, I keep myself busy with all sorts of activities and interests. I travel around whenever I can – whether that’s locally around the Peak District, or across Europe. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, playing video games, socialising with family and friends, and looking after my springer spaniel named Edgar (along with a small horde of gerbils who live in my home office). I also have a nerdy interest in theme parks and roller coasters.

Lewis Towt

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