Martin Battle

Senior Associate

I have always wanted to make things look and perform better and that is probably why I find myself working in transport. I have an Environmental Engineering degree and extensive experience in Transport Engineering. It is a sector that can really improve people’s quality of life but it also has far reaching implications on the environment, economy and social mobility. I would like to think I can bring real world solutions to transportation issues affecting the urban environment today, which are buildable, affordable and safe. I have worked extensively in London for over 19-years and spent over two years working in Saudi Arabia developing transport masterplans for new cities, including the promotion of roundabouts to a few sceptical locals. My role with Civic Engineers is to bring all this experience together and help develop solutions with the Urban Infrastructure team.

I have an interest in architecture and photography, and in my free time I like to potter around London with my camera capturing the changing skyline and street scene. Nowhere else in the UK it seems, is the urban environment changing so much and so fast. It is a great place to live and work at the moment.

Martin Battle

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