Michael Cameron

Assistant Transport Planner

Hi I’m Michael, I have an interest in cities, their people and their environment. 

This interest started when I was a new Geography graduate from the University of Glasgow and the financial crash enabled me to take a career break before I’d even got started. I spent time seeing and experiencing various parts of the world before the homing device kicked in and Glasgow was the city of choice.

While completing my Masters in Global Sustainable Cities at the University of Strathclyde I had to study two ‘transformative projects’, so for one of these I spent five weeks with Civic Engineers over the summer of 2018. In this instance the project was the Glasgow Avenues and I’ve since graduated. Moving on, I am fortunate to continue working with Civic on the Avenues as well as some of their other exciting projects, in the Glasgow region and around the rest of the UK. Being part of the infrastructure team at Civic gives me the opportunity to work in an area that I am passionate about and keep developing my interests

I enjoy going on long walks, through the city or the countryside. I appreciate the pace at which you experience your surroundings when walking, and it provides some great photo-taking opportunities. Listening to music takes up a lot of my time at home, I particularly like music that is new to my ears so suggestions are welcome. 

I also take pleasure in growing plants and without a garden my flat is slowly filling up with houseplants. The one in the photo holds meaning for me because it’s been grown from a cutting of a plant belonging to my grandmother.

Michael Cameron

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