Nick Healy

Graduate Engineer

G’day, I’m a graduate structural engineer from Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in Alice Springs before moving to Victoria where I finished school and later graduated from RMIT University. Something that I often get asked is ‘what are you doing in the UK?’. I met my now fiancé at a burger restaurant where we both worked while she was travelling from the UK. After changing from burgers to buildings and working in the engineering industry for a couple of years we decided to move to the UK for our next adventure. I chose engineering because it’s a creative and thought-provoking industry, with the potential to be part of exciting projects and help make a change towards a sustainable future. I’m passionate about my work and enjoy learning new skills and mastering my craft. Outside the office I enjoy music, digital art and Tipping Point.

Although it’s a new hobby of mine, I’ve become passionate about digital art. I started out with learning the basics of Photoshop, and then working my way up to sketching and painting on a tablet. I prefer creating digital content over traditional because of the different styles you can accomplish using a computer as well as being able to push ‘ctrl+z’ when things don’t go as planned.

Nick Healy

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