Nola Garven

Studio Manager

Coming from a mostly wellness/retail buying background, the world of engineering was slightly alien to me!  However my relevant experience comes from managing large retail head offices and people and in fashion buying. I also currently run a busy yoga studio in Glasgow, Reset Yoga.

I was brought up practising yoga daily and I have dedicated many hours to yoga and pilates teacher training over the years.  Since 2017 I have taught all over, the furthest being Australia, and I hope to hold more retreats in Europe next year.

Within Civic I am working part time managing the Edinburgh studio, helping with events in Glasgow and have recently completed a Mental Health First Aid course.  This course was challenging and eye opening but a topic I feel very strongly about in the workplace.

I enjoy working for Civic as I admire/align with their sustainability values and approach to hold peoples wellbeing at the forefront of all designs.

I’ve recently discovered my love for DIY and building my own furniture from reclaimed wood!  Having stolen all my boyfriends power tools (and knowledge) this is my new kitchen table and benches made from old scaffolding boards.

Nola Garven