Sara Simoes Gledhill

Graduate Civil Engineer

Hey! I’m a civil engineer from Universidad Metropolitana, in Caracas, Venezuela. As a student, I was awarded an Academic Excellence scholarship, was a representative of the Civil Engineering Student Council and had the chance to participate in the Harvard World Model of United Nations 2021, where I received Diplomacy and Outstanding delegation awards.

During my studies, I gained an interest in transport and urban infrastructure as I believe these are critical systems for supporting communities’ well-being. After graduating, I made the decision to travel over 4,000 miles and came to the UK to start my professional career, joining Civic Engineers as a graduate in the Urban Infrastructure team.

In my free time I enjoy practicing yoga and pilates, watching movies, going to concerts and looking for Latin American restaurants in London!

Besides being an engineer, I’m also a teacher and volunteer 🙂 My passion for teaching started when I was still in university, when I got a part-time job as a nursery and pre-k teaching aid. Then I spent +3 years as a volunteer at a non-profit that imparts English as a Second Language to rural communities with touristic potential in Venezuela, which gave me the chance to go to amazing places like Los Roques and Canaima (where the tallest waterfall in the world is!). But most importantly, I found myself sharing with amazing students who made me feel at home in their communities. Being a volunteer has become an integral part of who I am, and it’s made me realize how the smallest actions can make the biggest difference.

Sara Simoes Gledhill