Scott McLoskey

Graduate IT Engineer

I’m a Computer Networking graduate from the University of the West of Scotland, currently working as a Graduate IT Engineer at Civic Engineers. Before working at Civic Engineers, I worked for Virgin Media as a residential installer. However I decided this was not what I wanted to pursue long term. Civic Engineers offered me the opportunity to work in a role that would challenge me and allow me to develop my skills. Outside of work I enjoy playing video games and I am a huge horror movie enthusiast. I collect a lot of horror movie and gaming merchandise. I’m currently working on finishing my left arm tattoo sleeve of horror icons.

A piece of my collection that I currently own, which is of great value to me, is a framed set of photographs of Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. This frame is special to me as it was been signed by Englund in person who I personally got to meet and who is my horror icon.

Scott McLoskey

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