Shubham Nayak

Graduate Engineer

I completed my studies at University of Leeds where I completed my MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering, before my masters I completed my undergraduate in Civil Engineering from University of Pune, India.

Before my masters, I have worked as CAD Draughtsman and at various internship positions both in the UK and in India, where I was working on projects mostly in Transport and Urban Infrastructure. I have always found myself intrigued with fascinating and complex infrastructure designs and it is amazing how the design methodologies are revolutionizing in transport and urbanism field such that they are creating positive impact on society, health, economy and making sustainable environment, and that is why I love working in Transport and Urbanism industry.

The reason why I have chosen Civic Engineers is because I like how the company has been helping to shape the UK, providing connected environment and a positive future within the built environment and their drive in delivering ground-breaking icons for mankind. Also, it is amazing how the company works in sustainability area, which is evident that the company is implementing UN SDG’s and SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage systems) in their projects.

Two quotes in my life which I follow everyday and been following during my entire life –
“Play to win, and play until you win” and “Power is never demanded, it is always commanded”

Outside of work, I like travelling and I have been to 9 different countries – The UK, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, China, Hong Kong, and of course India. Besides travelling I like cooking, photography, and a big-time animal lover. Below is the image of some of my travel pics, there also you will find a combination of both nature and urban photography.



Shubham Nayak

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