Tomasz Lukaszewicz


Hi, I’m Tomasz and I joined Civic Engineers in July 2019 having previously worked at BDP and Atkins. I moved to the UK from Poland when I was 19, studied Civil Engineering at Salford University and graduated in 2014.

During my career, I was involved in a variety of landmark projects ranging from a 35-storey tower in seismically active zone to Palace of Westminster restoration and renewal. I was also involved in several smaller but equally as interesting schemes including innovative lecture theatre building and various refurb projects to name a few.

I joined Civic Engineers to be a part of a vibrant and passionate team and I am proud to be involved in improving people’s quality of lives through our projects.

Outside of work, I enjoy all sorts of sports such as weightlifting, swimming and lately even disc golf (yes that is an actual sport). I’m an audiobook addict and tend to go through at least a few books a month. I also enjoy a good gig as I’m a big metal fan (see photograph).

Tomasz Lukaszewicz