13th March 2024

Thriving together: Why systems thinking is key to a healthier, climate-resilient future


Our CEO Stephen O’Malley has discussed how holistically exploring the interaction of different networks can help the cities of tomorrow to stand the test of time.

In a video published by Place North West at MIPIM, Stephen discusses the need for us to rethink the landscape in our city centres, to serve different lifestyles and in response to climate change. Utilising systems thinking can add huge additional value make these schemes even more effective.

Stephen shares what systems thinking is and what it entails as “a layering together, or integration of a whole system of networks”. As an example, the movement of people and movement of water occupy the same space in our urban centres. We need to think about them holistically so that our infrastructure works together more efficiently. This will increase the likelihood of people wanting to live, work, play and thrive in those spaces.

Stephen goes on to explore how this form of connected thinking can be fostered, including by bringing together all the different disciplines and stakeholders into conversations. Starting with the local community, it’s important to conduct stakeholder mapping to identify who is involved and understand their needs, and bring different industry disciplines such as planners, architects and engineers together to create a ‘one system’ approach.

He concludes by sharing how this thinking can be rolled out, and the importance of funding provided by local authorities and statutory agencies to do so and why we must see greater collaboration to deliver results.

We’ll be sharing more insights following MIPIM and in the run up to UKREiiF, so watch this space. Find out more about systems thinking in the video and on Place North West here.

Thriving together: Why systems thinking is key to a healthier, climate-resilient future