9th July 2021

Active Travel within our Communities

Annabel Precious, who recently joined us, was a speaker at the 19th Annual Transport Practitioners Meeting (TPM), chairing a session on active travel as part of the two-day programme.

Bringing transport practitioners together to debate, learn and share their own best practice, Annabel delivered a detailed session, ‘Active Travel within Town Centres and Local Communities’ to a live virtual audience made up of transport consultants from across the industry. Annabel’s contribution was part of day one of the programme, and the ‘Our Neighbourhoods – Place Making’ session, bringing four subject matter experts from across the sector to the conference.

Annabel, a Civil Engineer and Transport Planner, who has joined us a Regional Director, has over twenty years’ experience, helping clients and local authorities achieve their sustainable transport
planning goals. Passionate about improving sustainable transport opportunities for the next generation, Annabel’s session took a deep dive into why she believes providing the right infrastructure is the best way to encourage people to travel in a more sustainable way.

To watch Annabel’s session and others from across the ‘Our Neighbourhoods – Place Making’ slot, follow this link. You can find Annabel’s session at the 1 hour point, lasting for 30 minutes. For more information on Civic Engineers and the support we offer as part of our Transport and Highways offering, you can also find more detail here.

Active Travel within our Communities