11th October 2018

Appointed to help re-shape Catford town centre

Alongside Studio Egret West with Carl Turner Architects and Greengage we have been commissioned by Lewisham Council to lead a major initiative to re-shape Catford town centre.

A significant aspiration of the project will be to transform the south circular as well as the interchange of Catford and Catford Bridge stations to release higher quality public realm and a more welcoming town centre environment.

Redevelopment proposals for numerous sites including Laurence House, the Old Town Hall, the Catford Shopping Centre and Milford Towers, will be explored to provide new town centre leisure, culture, retail and community uses as well as workspace and homes. Catford was identified in the Mayor’s London plan as an opportunity and intensification area which means it has scope for growth, regeneration and renewal.

Studio Egret West founding director, David West said: “The opportunity area spans 11 hectares, and with its multitude of infrastructural, ecological and cultural layers, represents a significant challenge and an exceptional opportunity to revive a special place”.

“Together with Team Catford, Carl Turner Architects and our consultant team, we will work with the community to produce an outcome that is representative of what Catford deserves and celebrates its unique character.’’

Carl Turner adds: “This will be a placemaking story that is written as it goes along, building on the talents and aspirations of local people”.

London Director of Civic Engineers, Gareth Atkinson said, “This project is an incredible opportunity to reimagine Catford and create a masterplan that brings together buildings, roads and spaces with a view to improving the town for all those who live, work and visit it.  From an engineering perspective, there are a number of challenges, a key one being the fact that two key transport routes run straight through the town centre. Our considerable experience delivering projects like this, means we understand the importance of bringing together the structural, civil and transport elements to deliver public realm improvements that result in real, demonstrable economic, social and environmental benefits.”

Consultation is well underway and the first draft of the masterplan will be developed this autumn which will be a blueprint to guide development of Catford over the next 10-15 years.

Autumn first draft of masterplan developed – blueprint to guide development of Catford over 10-15 years.

Appointed to help re-shape Catford town centre