15th July 2024
Supporting South Hampstead Junior School’s transformation with a retrofit first approach
15th July 2024
NLA Charrette: Thinking beyond boundaries
10th July 2024
Sketching and retrofit gameshows at Festival of Place
16th July 2024
Safer places: prioritising people in Yorkshire’s response to climate change
9th July 2024
Contributing to pioneering raingarden research in Glasgow
2nd July 2024
A Civic manifesto for the built environment of tomorrow
25th June 2024
#Enhancedbyengineers: “If you can see it, you can be it” 
1st July 2024
Don’t miss our Festival of Place gameshow: 3, 2, 1, Retrofit!
27th June 2024
#Enhancedbyengineers: “Engineering undoubtedly leaves a lasting legacy”
26th June 2024
#Enhancedbyengineers: “I wanted to combine numbers and people skills” 
24th June 2024
#Enhancedbyengineers: “Compassion is a superpower”
20th June 2024
The Reality of Retrofits: “We’re in a hugely privileged position to effect change”
10th June 2024
Inclusive impact: how can we build consensus for change?
31st May 2024
Join us at fbe’s Future of the Workplace panel discussion
29th May 2024
A toast to thriving together at UKREiiF 2024
28th May 2024
Retrofit and re-use first: the City’s journey to net-zero
20th May 2024
Fundraising success for Club Peloton charities at our London quiz
20th May 2024
Billy Brand to join ‘material matters’ expert panel at Social Value Live 2024
8th May 2024
Join our UKREiiF panel: Inclusive Impact – Less Talk, More Real Change
1st May 2024
Timber engineering for a sustainable future: the challenges, opportunities and joy
1st May 2024
Reality of retrofits: join our UKREiiF panel
11th April 2024
Circular materials: pushing the agenda forward
11th April 2024
Flexibility in the workplace: my experience at Civic Engineers
9th April 2024
Michelle McDowell MBE to chair City Architecture Forum ‘retrofit and re-use first’ panel
8th April 2024
Beyond Retrofit: RIAS publishes Craig Turner’s insights
3rd April 2024
Julian Broster to speak at the 2024 Structural Timber Conference
21st March 2024
Paul Morris to speak at IEMA webinar on ‘Natural Capital’
20th March 2024
Reflections on MIPIM 2024
20th March 2024
Andrew Ruck conquers epic Cycle to MIPIM
28th March 2024
Platinum recognition for Glasgow Avenues community engagement
15th March 2024
‘Green space is all about people’: MIPIM stand session takeaways
13th March 2024
Thriving together: Why systems thinking is key to a healthier, climate-resilient future
7th March 2024
Misinformation about RAAC could do more harm than good
8th March 2024
Inspiring inclusion on International Women’s Day
6th March 2024
MIPIM 2024: what topics are shaping the industry?
4th March 2024
MIPIM 2024: what will we see on the agenda?
27th February 2024
MIPIM stand session – speakers announced!
27th February 2024
Leah Stuart to chair NLA expert panel on safer cities
13th February 2024
Hannah Keighley features on Wise Women Conversations podcast 
25th January 2024
Simon Bennett contributes to UKGBC’s new guidance on commercial retrofit
29th January 2024
Civic Engineers joins Manchester Invest Partnership
23rd January 2024
The realities of delivering Net Zero: takeaways from our 2023 UKREiiF expert panel
18th January 2024
Thinking beyond boundaries
10th January 2024
The cost of doing nothing: tackling ageing infrastructure more imaginatively
2nd January 2024
The first question all designers and developers should ask is “Can we build nothing?”
21st December 2023
2023 wrapped: a decade of Civic Engineers
13th December 2023
Views on COP28: “This is a global crisis”
30th January 2024
Central Leeds retail and student development taking shape as The Store House project progresses
13th December 2023
Quality of Life Foundation publishes Civic Engineers’ insights in biodiversity net gain report
4th December 2023
Proud to return as partner to UKREiiF 2024
1st December 2023
Views on COP28: “The UK must adopt a long-term climate strategy”
28th November 2023
Ireland’s National Transport Authority publishes sustainable drainage systems advice authored by Civic Engineers
27th November 2023
Views on COP28: “It’s so important that we see a step change”
20th November 2023
Festival of Place is back, and we’re living in a material world
15th November 2023
Inaugural Climate Resilient Streets conference to explore opportunities for innovation
10th November 2023
Glasgow studio raises a toast to a decade of Civic Engineers
25th August 2023
Now Is The Time of the Engineer!
1st August 2023
We’re urban mining in practice!
10th July 2023
15-Minute city – The Future of our Neighbourhoods?
22nd June 2023
Delivering Nature Based Cities – an event with Greengage
31st May 2023
Helping Assura Achieve a Net Zero Future
25th April 2023
The Low Traffic Neighbourhood Debate… How, as engineers, Do We Influence the Discussion?
14th January 2016
The Civic Blog – Engineering Residential Excellence
3rd March 2016
The Civic Blog – Urban Infrastructure
26th January 2017
Delivering Healthy Cities
14th March 2017
A Civic Engineer in MIPIM
15th March 2017
Two Civic Engineers at MIPIM
16th March 2017
Three Civic Engineers at MIPIM
6th April 2017
Delivering Healthy Cities at MIPIM
26th May 2017
Delivering Healthy Cities – SuDS and True Collaboration
29th June 2017
Delivering Healthy Cities – The Importance of Arts and Culture
26th September 2017
Delivering Healthy Cities – Leeds Climate Innovation District
20th November 2017
Delivering Healthy Cities – Changing and challenging our reliance on cars
14th December 2017
The changing role of our city centre streets
20th December 2017
Connecting Places for a Happy and Healthy 2018
25th January 2018
The ‘Prove it’ era of social value
21st February 2018
Active Travel – Capturing hearts and minds
29th March 2018
Reflections on Greater Manchester’s first Green Summit
21st June 2018
Driving innovation and efficiency through off-site construction – Precast concrete
7th September 2018
Mobike and Manchester’s cycling future
9th January 2019
Reflecting on the revised GMSF
17th January 2019
2019 Rising to the challenge – the importance of embracing the ‘art’ of engineering
2nd July 2019
‘art’ of engineering
4th July 2019
Supporting Manchester International Festival – the ‘art’ of engineering
11th July 2019
What the ‘art of engineering’ means to me? By Iain McIntyre
19th July 2019
Why risk taking is important and why good engineering design is often invisible? by Julian Broster
25th July 2019
A blend of artistic and scientific skills – Rob Westcott’s art of engineering
14th August 2019
The application of creative imagination and scientific principles to design buildings and infrastructure.
4th October 2019
My Favourite Street – A street without cars
24th October 2019
My favourite street – Stephen O’Malley
5th August 2020
Now is our chance for 20-minute neighbourhoods
17th September 2020
Supporting Scottish Climate Week
23rd September 2020
What’s next for Glasgow’s urban infrastructure
12th October 2020
Climate Emergency – a reflection one year on from Engineers Declare by Julian Broster
13th October 2020
One year on from Engineers Declare – shifting the focus by Leah Stuart
14th October 2020
One Year on: Studying, Exploring, Educating by Gareth Atkinson
15th October 2020
One Year on – Collaboration is key to achieving climate resilience by Paul Morris
16th October 2020
One Year on – the need to force change by Rob Westcott
22nd October 2020
Conservation & Heritage – How do we give new life to old buildings? – NLA Event
9th April 2021
Making Sustainable Places
26th April 2021
Construction Big Breakfast Podcast
19th May 2021
Net Zero NLA Think Tank – One year on from our climate charter
22nd July 2021
‘Care’ – Collaborating to create LFA digital experience
28th July 2021
Infrastructure Intelligence – Liverpool can thrive without Unesco
18th August 2021
Skills for the future of urban engineering
25th August 2021
Staycation Inspiration
15th October 2021
Raise a glass to Retrofit – the solution for the recovery of our towns and cities
3rd November 2021
Civic comments on COP
4th November 2021
AJ Climate Champions Podcast – COP26
9th November 2021
Week 2 Civic comments on COP
10th November 2021
Place NW COP26 Podcast – How engineers can maximise sustainability in development?
10th November 2021
Gender, transport & climate change!
2nd February 2022
Road Space for all – Highway code changes come into force
3rd February 2022
Highway code changes offers opportunity to design for people
22nd March 2022
Digitisation – taking the step towards a single truth
14th April 2022
Counting the carbon for the Cycle to MIPIM
6th June 2022
The Great Glow Up: how are the UK’s department stores going to look?
14th June 2022
The inaugural Footprint+ : Was it any good and is Mipim still relevant?
22nd July 2022
Roundtable: Building Up and Out
27th July 2022
What is a ‘better normal’ for women, post-pandemic?
3rd November 2022
My favourite Retrofit – Sam Harland explores Colchester Castle
5th December 2022
‘What’s the cost of carbon?’ – London roundtable discussion
16th February 2023
Retrofitting the Great Estates