11th June 2020

Bikelines – Collaborating to propose ‘Routes to Recovery’ for London

Our London Directors, alongside a number of other built environment professionals have collaborated to develop a radical proposal that would enable larger numbers of people in London to get back to work, school and leisure travel safely and sustainably. Known as ‘Bike Lines London’, the plan, which has been outlined in an open letter to Sadiq Khan, seeks to address the fact that commuters will experience an 85% reduction in capacity on the transport network. It also hopes to build on the increasing numbers of people who have been walking and cycling during lockdown.

‘Bike Lines’ would see the creation of a network of dedicated cycle lanes connecting local neighbourhoods to the city centre, with the routes arranged along familiar tube lines.  The measures turn roads into safe and expansive cycling and public transport only routes, with private cars banned and only emergency and delivery vehicles allowed.

The group that has developed the idea is made up of architects, engineers, contractors and others experienced in designing and building our towns and cities. All of them are members of Club Peloton, a charity and community of cyclists and this includes our London Directors, Gareth Atkinson and Rob Westcott.

Gareth Atkinson commented, “During lockdown we have seen increasing numbers of people out and about in their local areas on foot and on their bikes. Now with lockdown beginning to ease, there’s a big opportunity to build on this trend and help people get to work and school safely and sustainably. Our group came together out of a mutual love of cycling and also because we care about our city and our environment. We wanted to put our skills to good use. Our working days are spent shaping our towns and cities and we understand all the constraints and challenges there are. We know the idea we have put forward is radical but it would aid economic recovery, help reduce pollution and improve people’s health and wellbeing, it also supports the Mayor’s plan for ambitions for a ‘Zero Carbon London’ by 2030.”

Bikelines – Collaborating to propose ‘Routes to Recovery’ for London

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