27th January 2023

Engineering to bolster Pinewood studios filming capacity


Pinewood Studios, the world-class facility for film and television production, has recently opened five new purpose-built sound stages at the original site in Buckinghamshire. The five new stages built on three plots totalling 15,000m2, replace old workshops and sheds.

Civic Engineers worked on the first phase of the redevelopment scheme. The result has been a new benchmark for sound stage design, and lessons learned from it are the blueprint for future commissions at Pinewood and Shepperton.

Civic Engineers researched and investigated previous methods of building sound stages and refined the process to allow for new demands and processes required for filming. These refinements included additional roof level gantries and runway beams for lighting and rigging requirements.

Due to the sloping nature of the landscape at the site an extensive feasibility study was carried out to ensure the correct level of the buildings whilst, at the same time, ensuring the flow of the surface water to direct towards drainage.

The five new stages have now opened, and we are excited to see the productions that will be built in them.

Engineering to bolster Pinewood studios filming capacity