20th November 2023

Festival of Place is back, and we’re living in a material world


Festival of Place is back, with a two day online event putting climate resilience centre stage. 

Taking place on the 27th – 28th November, the Festival of Place: Climate Resilience event will bring together developers, local authorities, policymakers, investors, designers, community engagers and architects committed to creating more sustainable and equitable places.  

Across eight engaging sessions, industry experts will explore material transitions, urban resilience and share fresh research on topics from overheating to land use.  

Our regional director Richard Dowdall will lead a session focussed on the ‘material world’, and how we can make better material choices. In the interactive discussion, Richard will lift the lid on the complexity and challenges, realities and practicalities around the use of materials in construction and more generally, ‘place making’.  

From understanding how we can minimise embodied carbon in structures, through to getting ahead when it comes to regulations, the discussion will help to build knowledge and understanding to support decision-making and help our collective journey to net zero. 

We’re proud supporters of the festival, which brings together professionals to learn and engage with best practice in creating sustainable and resilient places. (Photo credit by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images, for Festival of Place.) 

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Festival of Place is back, and we’re living in a material world