15th November 2023

Inaugural Climate Resilient Streets conference to explore opportunities for innovation


We’re proud to sponsor the first ever Climate Resilient Streets conference and exhibition, which is taking place in London on 30th November. 

As our CEO Stephen O’Malley says, “as we face the global crisis of the climate emergency, our urban infrastructure must urgently be transformed with climate resilience features woven into the fabric of our landscapes.” 

The conference will bring together experts from across the industry – including national and local government stakeholders, urban planners and developers – to share insights and explore opportunities for innovation at street level.  

Our CEO Stephen will join an expert panel alongside Lambeth Council, Urban Movement and Green Infrastructure Consultancy, to discuss how liveable neighbourhood and low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) schemes can include practical measures for boosting biodiversity and tackling flood risk.  

Coming at a critical time for the industry, the conference will reflect on fundamental changes that are about to transform the policy, practice and funding framework supporting the climate resilience of our streets.   

In 2024, for example, the Government is expected to put into effect ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ rules. Under the new rules, developers in England will be required to deliver 10 per cent ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ on new housing, commercial and infrastructure developments. This means that, by law, they must deliver a ‘net positive’ for the local environment, such as by creating new habitats and green spaces.  

Organised by Landor LINKS, and hosted by Meristem Design, Climate Resilient Streets will unpick what the new law, and other upcoming changes, mean for the industry. 

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[Image credit: Robert Bay Associates] 

Inaugural Climate Resilient Streets conference to explore opportunities for innovation