9th July 2020

Get involved in the Civic Active Challenge!

During lockdown the media has been full of stories about the increasing number of people taking up cycling, going out walking and exploring their local area. Given our work focuses on engineering to improve our streets, buildings and public spaces, making them healthier, more attractive places to be, this is news to our ears and we hope that these changes in behaviour will stay for the long term.

To celebrate this increased focus on active travel, we have created the ‘Civic Active Challenge.’ The challenge will see us set an active travel themed activity every day between Monday, 13th July and Monday 20th July for our team, clients, collaborators and families and friends to enjoy tackling.

The challenge is also an opportunity for us to raise funds for some fantastic charities linked to the Club Peloton’s Cycle to MIPIM. Back in March, our London Director, Rob Westcott was due to take part in the annual Cycle to MIPIM. Sadly, due to the pandemic, the cycle was cancelled and we also had to cancel our quiz that we were due to hold to support Rob’s fundraising efforts

We hope that some of those taking part in our Civic Active Challenge might pledge their support and help us raise funds for the Club Peloton charities which include Coram, Cyclists Fighting Cancer, Tom’s Trust and Multiple System Atrophy Trust.

Here’s a rundown of the challenges we have set for each day! You can do any of these challenges at any time or on the specific days we have mentioned. We’re just keen for you to share with us your pictures of how you’re getting on so we can showcase the benefits of active travel and how people have embraced their local area and moved away from the car during lockdown. You can do this by emailing them to us at or on twitter @civicengineers using the #Civicactivechallenge. We’ll be reminding everyone of the challenges each day via our social media channels and look forward to sharing your pictures!

Monday 13th July – Active travellers spend more than motorists supporting their local economy. Share your local lockdown love – what local shop or eatery have you discovered in lockdown. 

Tuesday 14th July – Active travellers need prioritising – show us your local infrastructure exemplar or epic fail

Wednesday 15th July – Active travellers need to be seen – show us your stand out style

Thursday 16th July – Active travellers are fitter and healthier than motorists – clock up the miles or steps for the day and let’s see how many you’ve done

Friday 17th July – Active travellers are more in touch with their surroundings – share with us a new place, picnic spot, view or landmark you have grown to love in lockdown

Saturday 18th July / Sunday 19th July – Share with us your favourite cycling or walking route. You can draw it, sketch it, map it out or if you’re feeling brave do some strava artwork. 

Good luck and have fun taking part!

Get involved in the Civic Active Challenge!