19th December 2019

Glasgow Studio’s Structural Christmas Cracker 2019 – Motherwell Football Club

With the football season in full swing and a busy fixture list over Christmas, it seems apt that our Glasgow Studio have picked their work ensuring the safety of structures, in this case, a football stadium, as their Christmas cracker. Our experience isn’t just about designing buildings and infrastructure, we also undertake structural surveys coverings individual elements such as walls and slabs, whole buildings and even individual stands and stadiums.

Working alongside Motherwell Football Club, we have completed a number of surveys on their 13,742 seater Fir Park Stadium in accordance with the ‘Guide to Safety at Sport Grounds’, also known as “The Green Guide”. This guide assists management of the stadium, by following good practice to improve the safety of spectators and staff within the sports ground, and looks at a number of different elements such as; capacity, stewarding, circulation, fire, barriers and structures. 

Our team of structural engineers in the Glasgow Studio have developed a close relationship with the Club having undertaken a number of surveys and structural appraisals of the existing Phil O’Donnell (Main) Stand, Davie Cooper (North) Stand, East Stand and floodlight towers to ensure these remain safe for use. In order to achieve this, we undertake a structural survey looking at the existing condition of the structure and review the original design for load capacity, degree of redundancy, risk of disproportionate collapse and consequence of failure, all in accordance with the “The Green Guide”.

Glasgow Studio’s Structural Christmas Cracker 2019 – Motherwell Football Club

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