4th June 2018

Manchester Skate Park Transformation

Working together with Arca Architects, we are the Civil and Structural Engineers for a groundbreaking project to help Manchester become the ‘world’s first city of skateboarding.’  the expansion of the existing skate park under the Mancunian Way bridge in Manchester.

This community project, run by the not-for-profit organisation ProjektsMCR,involves the expansion and transformation of the existing skate park under the Mancunian Way bridge in Manchester.  The aim is to bring skateboarding to the public (especially young girls) and to help it become the first city that encourages skateboarding as a form of transport, fun and creative expression through improvements to infrastructure. It would see a national centre of excellence created for the teaching and demonstration of skateboarding.

The site at present contains two steel container units which provide café space and office space for the adjacent skate park. The proposed works for the expansion of the skate park involve the removal of the existing shipping containers and re-designing some of the skate park ramps with several new additional works to be incorporated in the development. The existing café and office spaces are to be expanded by introducing additional container units with a new steelwork viewing deck to be built to connect the café and office container units. There will be new fences, a larger skating surface, new viewing deck and teaching area.

The project is awaiting planning approval.

Manchester Skate Park Transformation